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What we do

Extuple manages the Extuple Cloud Fund, a liquid, concentrated investment fund focused on companies taking advantage of the Cloud to transform businesses worldwide. Extuple focuses its research entirely on Cloud investments to select companies representing the best value for long term growth.

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What the cloud is

It’s the world’s open platform for computation, storage and communication. As the crucible of modern innovation, it’s enabling the next generation of software, web delivered services, social media, financial transactions and messaging.

Our Cloud Investment Hypothesis

Who it’s for

Extuple Cloud Fund is designed to provide superior long term equity returns. Because of its concentration and higher relative volatility, it is best suited for inclusion in a balanced portfolio, not as a complete investment solution in itself. The Cloud Fund is designed for sophisticated individuals, family offices and foundations who are looking to incorporate a technology component in their investment strategy.

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As technology company operators and venture capitalists we have spent our careers building technology companies. We created the Extuple Cloud Fund primarily to manage our own capital by applying our collective experience in software company leadership and operations to identify the world’s most compelling technology investments.

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